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shot by

antonie lechér (bright version)

sara milesson (dark version)


brass/ gold/ pearls/ plastic foil

a work about fragility, duality and universal beauty.

secret garden as a place for contemplation, comming deep to ourselves, into our subconcious and far beyond... i made 4 pieces, statement bracelets, inspired by some of the sacred flowers. to show their pure beauty and holiness i choosed to follow visuals of early medieval iluminations, the time before religious dogma was established, the time LOVE itself was the highest religion.

each flower have a golden body, typical for their real shape, hidden with translucent foil, puted together with a help of tiny pearls. the flowers also have delicat thornes- to remind us that LOVE is not a matter of course, that it should be alway thaughtfully cherished. with an unfitting behaviour the thornes can hurt our insensitive hands or they can be damaged and therefore the beauty of the piece can be gone forever...

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