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shot and graphics by

sara milesson

video by

michaela barochová

O + I

copper/ black plastic foam

a work about icons.

i created and described universal icons as a basic part of our subconsious life, icons as roots we can relate to, i find a natural inner need of "konwing our place" in this world.

also there is a basic need of expressing ourselves in the material using our hands and our minds. but the material itself has its limits, therefore this art piece is an "building kit" limited by simplicity of square bricks- full of smaller parts you can join together as wished.

for my own i build a totem.

copper / plastic foam

copper, a symbol of corporality. copper is a living and emphatic metal- it reacts the fastest on its surrounding enviroment. it oxidizes, it leads the heat, it reacts to a touch of a human hand by showing marks looking like bruises... it is heavy. it smells when becoming wet. and the colour! it is warm and organic same as a living creature. copper is "the body".

anthracite plastic foam in this piece is for the dogma. dogma as a visualy hard stabil element. absurd enough, it is very light in wieght and when touched, it is soft and breakable.

the duality by joining these two materials is symbolic- copper as the organic part, copper as the wittnes of beginig of the human civilization and black dogmatic plastic foam, the wittnes of the end (or just a radical change) of the same human civilization.

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